Equality and Diversity


My wife’s maiden name was Scottish, it should not have been.  Her grandfather changed the family name after World War II.  His surname was Hyman.  His father had left Russia presumably a Jew escaping the pogroms.  The reason why anything to do with antisemitism is so absolutely unacceptable is that we know where it can lead to.  You cannot separate the words from the actions, there is no such thing as harmless antisemitism.

The same can be applied to the risks and dangers of all prejudices, but it must in no way diminish the seriousness of antisemitism, and the historic realities of antisemitism.  We cannot ignore the millions who died, and the shadow this casts even today.

It is not wrong to call out any state for wrong behaviour on human rights.  Fair and proportionate comment on Israel and the Palestinian question is right.  The problem is in a world of antisemitism, we all have to tread carefully, because we know the past, and we don’t want that in our present or our future.


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