Election 2019

Voting Tactically – Friday 13th…

The biggest reason people give for not voting for me is that I won’t win, even worse people who vote for me may let the nightmare candidate in.  People fear if they vote for me then it might let in Corbyn or Boris.  It’s not about getting what you want but not getting what you don’t want.  I fully appreciate why people think that, but I want to challenge it.

Imagine it is Friday 13th.  If people vote tactically on this basis most likely Labour have won Coventry South, and most Labour people will give cheer with a sense of regret.  

Nationally, by the same token, looking at the current election predictions, the Conservatives will have a majority in Westminster.  According to the latest YouGov Poll  the Conservatives will have a 68 seat majority.  The Conservatives will have a comfortable majority to pass any legislation they want to.  Obviously opinion polls can be wrong and have a wide margin of error, but it looks like the Conservatives will win.

Coventry South return a Labour politician who will sit in opposition and fight the government.  Labour will pronounce from the left but will have no power to stop anything.  Zarah Sultana posted on 25th November regarding the UCU Strike at Warwick University, “This fight for decent pay, pensions & conditions and this election are one struggle for the entire future of higher education.

Her language is still fight and struggle.  So if Labour go into parliament with potentially 211 seats with the language of fight and struggle, the Conservatives have a majority.  Some people may enjoy the fight and the struggle but it is a fight that they will inevitably lose.  And that means we lose.

Obviously, unless you are a true Boris beleaver, Coventry South backing the Tories and giving even more power to a government that has as little respect for the British constitution and honest politics is worrying.  Boris, like Trump, may do lasting damage to his own party, and the standing of his country in the world. 

The Tories pride themselves as the party of business, though many businesses seem quite uncomfortable with this view.  Would any business be sensible to employ someone who has been sacked more than once for lying?  Trust matters,  so why employ him as your Prime Minister?

I admit me winning this constituency will be an uphill struggle, and to do so I need a lot of your help.  So you wake up on Friday 13th and I’m your new MP – you could make that possible.  

I would be in parliament engaging and building a consensus for better Britain.  Presenting sensible policies that I believe would make Coventry proud of its son.  Yes, fighting injustice because it needs to be fought, but doing so by engaging with the human being and building a consensus.   Not antagonising and belittling, this is too important for that, but working to win over the soft-Tories to oppose the most extreme measures.  Labelling every Tory or every Labour, depending on your perspective, is self-defeating.  

Building a new consensus that reminds the current political parties that they don’t own the future – you do.   I’m not just asking you to vote for me, I’m asking you to ask other people to.  Collectively the power quite literally is in your hands.

Election 2019

Ed Manning, Independent Candidate, Coventry South

I hereby announce that I have submitted my nomination papers and paid my deposit and I am standing as an Independent Candidate in Coventry South.

Britain is in crisis, divided not just by Brexit, but by wealth and poverty and the divisions between the nations of the United Kingdom.  Crime is rising.  Ordinary working people struggle to find a home to buy or securely rent.   Politics is toxic with hatred and threats of violence.  The existing parties fail to produce the ideas and leaders the nation requires.   The Conservative Prime Minister uses inflammatory language and the courts have found that he has been misleading.  People have left the Labour Party because of extremism.  

People have lost faith in politics as a power for good.  Yet politics created housing that transformed the lives of the poor, provided the NHS for healthcare for all and education which gave people a chance to improve their lives.  Political campaigns stopped people dying in unsafe workplaces and created greater equality.  We all live by the benefit of those who stepped out, sometimes when it looked hopeless, and decided they wanted to make a difference.  If we do nothing the country will carry on becoming more divided and will go from bad to worse, while the environment is destroyed, poverty increases and our communities are weakened.  It is time for change. 

.  To sum up what I believe is required, and I can bring, it is caring and sensible.

What caring and sensible means?

  • Everyone has the right to a good house, education, healthcare and to live without fear
  • The environment is in crisis and requires action
  • Act on common sense not ideology, for instance millions were wasted on hospital PFI schemes.
  • Being prepared to pay for better when required
  • Tell the truth

My polices are out workings of that thought process, which I would use as an MP to make decisions.  I am planning to roll out policies during the campaign on issues such as creating more public housing, designing greener cities, backing the NHS, breaking the cycle of crime, supporting wellbeing for all, increasing positive political engagement and creating better politics.

Election 2019

General Election 2019

The country is becoming more and more divided.  Brexit is part of that story of division but only part of it.  The Conservatives have moved to the right and Labour to the left.  People meet with other people who share similar thoughts and say similar things breeding separate communities, not one nation.  Politics has become more ideological for all parties.

What the country needs is sensible and caring politics, not division, not ideology, but good sensible politics that helps people to have great lives, that supports democracy, freedom, well being, that cares for the planet and supports the generation of wealth.  

We need good honest politics, not hype, not divide and rule.  We need sensible and caring politics, that works for the country and keeps the country working.  That builds bridges not divides.  

This is our land, and we live in it, together.  We need governments that unite rather than divide.  

It is time to move forwards together.  It is time for change.