Election 2019

General Election 2019

The country is becoming more and more divided.  Brexit is part of that story of division but only part of it.  The Conservatives have moved to the right and Labour to the left.  People meet with other people who share similar thoughts and say similar things breeding separate communities, not one nation.  Politics has become more ideological for all parties.

What the country needs is sensible and caring politics, not division, not ideology, but good sensible politics that helps people to have great lives, that supports democracy, freedom, well being, that cares for the planet and supports the generation of wealth.  

We need good honest politics, not hype, not divide and rule.  We need sensible and caring politics, that works for the country and keeps the country working.  That builds bridges not divides.  

This is our land, and we live in it, together.  We need governments that unite rather than divide.  

It is time to move forwards together.  It is time for change. 

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